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Road to Commutatitivity

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this post is about commutativity . this property to write 2x3=3x2=6; if it works on calculus, it had always been a mistery for me because i don't seem them rectangle for those two operation. In a real life situation. If you buy 3 pieces of wood for 2 dollars, it's not the same that buying 2 pieces of wood for 3 dollars. In both case we pay 6 but, we don't have the same thing.  for a square you have the same numbers so who is who become little difficult, but in real life it would be the good price. square root of 6 multiply by square root of 6 gives 6…the pdf shows how this work in the identity remarquable , in a certain way we have to cut one square and rotate him to write the formula we all have learn after the pythagor theorems. 

Topic starter Posted : 30/05/2020 4:58 am