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some good link to introduce in the imaginary number worlds of mathematician

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first épisode is nice to see the animation, and to demistify the concepts.

the whole serie is good for it’s approach from history. But goes fast with formula.


this one comes from khan academy, which purpose formations in all languages for people can’t access easily to knowledge over the world. He manipulates those numbers to show some basics properties and definitions from the classical curse.


Even if the voice is a bit hard to follow, in this video you see how we had to extend our ensemble of numbers.



here’s it go deeper and repeat what heard upper. he goes a bit fast to show those first of calcul with complex number.

but we can stop and relook as we  need to understand. he shows how the Gauss fundamental theorem algebra is generalized to complex. 



take a look to those videos, there are not too long.  They are clear ( i m french and i understand clearly what is said). This a good introduction. 

Feel free to ask below or comments; it will  be a pleasure to helpful with those obscurs notion. But it’s part of our work, to demistify which is not mysteries.

Topic starter Posted : 11/06/2020 5:54 am