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fibonacci construction variation.

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hello a few clarifications from what I wanted to explain to you yesterday.

Here I was able to save with quicktime the construction of the fibonacci spiral without going through the rectangles.

The video gives the time sequence of the geometric construction, which gives additional information compared to a stopped figure.

You can see that it can be made as the sum of 4 arcs that lengthen by one. Now an arc belongs to a circle, and a circle to a center.

The centers are arranged in a square. it is funny to see that this construction turns the square in the opposite direction. In my opinion this inversion comes from the fact that the world is oriented. if we consider the law of signs of the product.

We can see that our plan is divided into four zones. The law of signs shows that the positive zones are crossed. and therefore to stay in the positive zone we must do this inversion operation.

Biologically it corresponds to all our joint impossibilities for example. We can't turn our elbow. if you are right-handed or left-handed, there is a lot of gesture that requires you to turn, or to try to make your beautiful gesture of right-handed with the left hand, and there it is not won. similarly intellectually there are many exercises which oblige us to make this kind of inversion, and even that we are often mistaken with this kind of thing when we are not concentrated. ? ? 

Topic starter Posted : 11/06/2020 4:13 am