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3,6,9 ans product of units!

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On my internal reflections, or journey, i have met Tesla, at several occasion. In the first part of my life, it was an academic name, Tesla is the name of the magnetic intensity fields. I 've had also heard that he was a kind of genius and crazy guy. Famous and incredibly creative spirits. A kind of Zappa of physics science. 

in this document, i had try to understand what he wants to say by the magnificience of 369…And i have work on the units of products. In the picture there is only the unit of our multiplications table. I had seen that's a story of complementary to 10. Each unit goes in opposite way of his products.

it's a kind of easy result that we didn't generalize. has i saw it works for 3 and 7 i understood that it was the case of 9 and 1 or 2 and 8 and 6 and 4 and 5 and 5. 

example : table of 3 gives : 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 the table of 7 gives 0 7 14 21 28 35 42 49 63 70. if you look units they goes in one side of the other. this work also with 5, which alternate between 0 5…it's a cycle of 2 value. as breathing…and it's not surprising that we have 2 hand of 5 fingers ( and not 5  hands of 2 fingers, commutativity…)

Ih the global form we see this 8 with an angle..i think that Tesla have seen that and maybe more… they are link to 1, 2,3 as i was suspected. In the number line theese number are related to centers of circles…..centers will alternate on multiple of 3,6,9…which give an interessent feature to the center function: center can be odd or even…if it depend from 6 or if it depend from 3 and 9 , i find it really mysterious.

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Great insight!


We are also able to put the image in the text area with it's link.

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