For our left brain… there is a code embedded in our number line (1, 2, 3, 4 …) that is both algebraic and geometric.  It proves prime numbers are HIGHLY organized and shows their geometry of choice is the torus.  Currently there are formulas for some primes however, they are still considered to be mostly random.  This ends that paradigm.  The implications it carries quickly jump to mathematical physics and beyond, pointing to one of the most tangible foundations for the Unified Field we’ve yet seen.   

If that means nothing to you, this is what the movie The Theory of Everything was about.  In a nutshell the rules that govern large bodies (planets, galaxies) are different than what is witnessed at quantum levels.  So the theory that unifies the two must include the macro and micro.  And with that, quantum gravity must be accounted for along with gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak forces.   The scalability of this discovery checks all the boxes and also provides tactile footing for the acceleration of universal expansion and ‘dark’ energy.  It also shows the necessity of past, present and future coexisting.  

For our right brain…  this relates directly to creation itself.  Through number and form, this code operates outside of gender, cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic and religious parameters.  It will leave us in a position where we must begin questioning many things.  According to what we currently understand, this shouldn’t exist.  Not only does it, but it is interwoven into the numeric fabric underpinning the space between all measurable distances, both (sub)atomic and cosmic. 

It is part of and simultaneously connects each one of us.