If 11:11 is significant to you but you’re not exactly sure why, you may begin finding answers here.

Until my awakening process began, I had no understanding of its meaning. It’s likely you’re also in that same process or will soon be beginning it. 

Broadly, 11:11 relates to the Ascension that humanity and the Earth are currently in the throws of. That process involves the clearing away of denser energies within us which allows realization and remembrance of our eternal, multidimensional soul and it’s purpose. A likely conclusion that could be reached in this process is that we’re more than just human, and it’s possible you may begin remembering your off-world origins.

Instead of our 5 senses only having access to 3 dimensions (or 4 if you include time), while ascending we re-discover other senses which give us access to more information from other dimensions. These changes also relate to changes in our DNA.


On a deep level in each of us 11:11 carries a universal meaning. A universe we are fundamentally and intimately connected to. It is calling us home… to ourselves. It is a coded reminder that bigger truths, greater realities… and larger responsibilities surround us. 

Put simply, you chose to show up here on Earth for a purpose and 11:11 is a trigger we have collectively agreed upon to begin remembering – and fulfilling that purpose. (For more info on this you can look into “pre-birth planning” and “life between lives.”)  

11:11 also connects to the concept of Twin Flames, Mirror Souls and Twin Rays. Just as the 11 is mirrored, these divided monads are one soul in two bodies and typically share a common goal in relation to the Ascension process. As sci-fi as it sounds, these are legitimately real phenomena I can speak to first hand. 

Stunningly, 11:11 is found at the core of this math and physics.