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The image directly above is what our Number Line looks like when created in a 3D environment. Compared to the 2D drawings, it’s likely this version is closer to the energetic dynamics this field expresses within our physical environment. Can you imagine shrinking down and standing at the left side of it, where number 1 would be? The 90° change in your perspective allows you to look inside of this field. Now you can see into it, and through it like a straw or telescope. This view reveals the infinite, linear spherical geometry we see from the front (back, top and bottom) is simultaneously a singular piece of unified geometry. The smallest spheres are nested in the center and anchor all sequentially larger concentric spheres around them. This is very similar to the concept of Russian Nesting Dolls but in this case it’s just nested concentric spheres.

These series of images reveal the geometries of this Unified Field that become apparent as prime numbers are compacted together, and consecutive composites are forced onto radii (singular: radius).

This process reveals groups of numbers bound by symmetry, geometry, algebra and palindromic code, surrounding a center point.

Considering these numeric relationships exist between any two points we choose to measure between – be it the space between atoms or between Earth and Andromeda – what we are being shown here is that within those distances, space is being broken down into pieces… by code. 

When traveling any distance, time is always a factor. It would be impossible the dynamics of this code would be able to avoid impacting time as well.

It’s very likely these geometries offer proof that the past, present and future must co-exist.