Becoming Embodied

Some of what we experience as we awaken can be shocking at first, and even scary… until we begin realizing what’s happening. Awakening symptoms can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, metaphysical and so on. You may see, hear, feel and experience things others around you are not. You may access knowledge seemingly beyond you, outside of your background, just as I have. You may have deja vu or time slips. You may experience other synchronicities… numbers or experiences may carry meaning others are unaware of. These experiences are also part of our Kundalini Rising.

Sometimes aspects of this process may make us feel as if we need medical attention. **Mainstream doctors do not understand what they’re witnessing when these cases present.** It’s not uncommon for people experiencing these things to be misdiagnosed with physical or mental health “issues” as a result of awakening symptoms. Medications can impede the process. 

Humanity is collectively experiencing the miracle of our higher selves, spirts or souls becoming embodied into our human vessels. This embodiment expands our typical 3D human experience into 5 dimensions of sensory perception, as our higher selves become physically present. Some of us are consciously aware of and take ownership of these larger aspects of ourselves and of reality. Others are unaware or in complete denial their human identity and personality could extend past what they are currently conscious of. These two ends of a beautiful spectrum are beginning to merge.


You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body. 

~CS Lewis