Hi! I’m Azra Wind, a galactic mathematical physics channel and ascension guide. As spirit sees necessary I also have clairesentient, claireaudient, and remote viewing abilities. Although I had forgotten for much of my life, in my late 30’s memories of the process we go through to incarnate here began resurfacing. I now remember the craft I incarnated here from (where that process takes place), and the jobs and family I had there as well. We live there with great love, completely connected to Source, embodying the divinity we are.  

This is not just my story though. I am not an exception. While these ideas may seem unusual right now, remembering our off-world origins will become commonplace in the future as more start tapping into higher aspects of consciousness. The universal knowledge we’ll work on together will help shift that paradigm. It will reveal parts of yourself you have forgotten.

I was sent here with information to help prepare our consciousness for the fact we are not alone in the universe. As foreign as it may seem, you have family and loved ones out there cheering you on right now!

Prior to the beginning of my awakening process in 2014, I had a decade long career in retail management which I began shortly after dropping out of University. When I left school, I was 24 credits away from a BA in Sociology… and couldn’t pass math.

As I went on with my life, it became obvious my body had been holding a secret from me. It started reminding me I had blocked out a disturbing and violent decade of my childhood. As these memories returned, seizures began. I was even in a wheelchair for a while. Sometimes gifts come in funny packages.

This information truly saved my life. It began coming through when I was extremely sick and dying… while simultaneously experiencing a kundalini awakening. Through pain I didn’t know bodies could produce, I was witnessing miraculous new levels of reality and began writing down information as I received it. I was reminded that as a child I was asked to remember some things by what I now know was spirit. Retracing them led to this discovery.

I could barely hold myself up as I drew the first draft of the geometries in our number line. I stood back looking it, weeping at its beauty. I asked out loud “So, this is here, but what is it?” The answer I heard was “It’s gravity.”  

Because we agree to forget who we really are as we incarnate here, I had no idea why I had this work at the time.

                        This life is a virtual field trip for our soul.

         ~A. Wind


As my awakening continued, so did the miracles. I was meeting people and having experiences that were literally otherworldly. I’d met someone who said a sentence to me that unlocked memory of who I was as I planned this incarnation. I have lived numerous lifetimes on this planet, at least 20 that I remember fragments of. This person though was from my ‘life between lives’… the place, the life, we come here from, and return to when we ‘die.’ 

Nothing I can say could convey the depth of that experience. We know each other from another dimension. Following that, I began recalling working on embedding this code into the number line with a group of others before showing up here with it. Because of that interaction I remembered my origin and I remembered who I am. My soul is part of a group called the Blue Ray Oraphim. We are angelic offworld beings. 

Parts of me are still catching up to the profound sacredness of this work and what will become of it. Through our collaboration, its blossoming will be miraculous to witness. I am honored to be on this journey with you.