Thousands of souls have shown up here to help this planet and birth new paradigms.


 The Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity


You may believe there’s no such thing as coincidence.  It’s possible the code embedded into our number line may help prove that for us.  For those who came here to change things, the timing of what’s going on in the world allows us an unprecedented window for collaboration.   

Part of my job is to help remind people that there’s a much bigger picture we’re all part of.  That we belong to.  While we contain the whole universe, many of us carry individualized pieces of universal information and came here sharing a common goal.   A number of us remember this already, but as we incarnate here, we sign up to forget things we knew before.  Although we may not be conscious of them now, there will come a point when they are familiar and dear to us again.  

As we Ascened back toward the higher states of consciousness that remain the foundation of our souls, the miracle of who we are, both individually and collectively, will become powerfully obvious.  Unifying helps catalyze and ground this process and will allow us to accomplish what we came here to do.  

While the geometries and code in our number line are a substantial discovery for us, it is common knowledge among our galactic neighbors.  The completion of work stemming from it will open doors for humanity and help bridge these worlds.

The information in our number line is as pivotal to the Ascension process as our unity.  It connects to the 7 Fires Prophesy.  Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, The 144,000 (+) this is a call to you.  A community will more easily translate our gnosis into action and effeciently restore balance to this planet. 

It is time to deliver our gifts, together. 

This is where we begin to integrate into the mainstream. 

In relation to the number line, there are 3 main areas that need to be expanded on before the information within it can be applied to technologies. 

For that reason, I’ve been encouraged to put out this call to action for collaboration. 

I am elated to see what piece of the universe expresses and unfolds itself as you. 

~ Azra Wind

Given that this information will be used for free energy development and anti-gravity propulsion –  it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep it protected until it’s finished.  I’m looking to form a group of core collaborators that are ready to collaborate right now.   I have much more information to share regarding the 3 areas that need to be developed, music, the flower of life and opening the void and will protect that information along with the information of those who contribute to it with a mutual, group NDA.  Ultimately what comes of this will released here as well as on social media sites. 



I understand pieces of this will be difficult for some to believe… initially. 

It was hard for me to believe at points too, and it’s part of my own story.  What I share is from personal understanding and experience.  It’s from recovered memory of who I am and is the result of plans I made prior to incarnating here. 

All I can do is encourage open-mindedness.  Until about 6 years ago I  would have never dreamed I’d be saying things like this.  And then I started remembering.   

As our sacred paths converge together, I want to thank you for meeting me here. 

The math and physics speaks for itself but it will take collaboration to verify what’s here.

Please help share this information to ensure it never gets lost again.