How We Came To Be

Cosmic Porch LLC was created in 2019 as a container for mathematical physics information that began coming through following a near death experience. The spiritual awakening ushered in by that event helped lead to the discovery of a mathematically watertight code that has been embedded into our number line. Cosmic Porch is a platform enabling collaboration on this groundbreaking discovery. This code, and the geometries it creates, are fundamental aspects of the universe. They are part of creation itself.

It’s very likely this discovery is one of the strongest, most fundamental, candidates for the Unified Field ever proposed.


Description of Our Products

We offer highly detailed, digitally created Mandalas based on that sacred code which help activate, balance and maintain healthy energy flow within our chakras. The Mandala’s benefits are especially potent when worn but also support us simply by being in our environment. Our Mandala Prints are perfect for infusing certain energies into your space and can also enhance meditation. Currently there are 9 Chakra Mandalas and 28 additional Mandala designs that can directly benefit one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These designs have limitless potential uses. Whether you would like assistance with creativity, focus and centeredness, calming and release, connection to self or connection to all… these Mandalas will offer something unique to each one of us. 

Product Menu

Mandala Chakra Apparel

9 Chakra Mandala Designs offered on comfy Unisex T-Shirts.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes

Mandalas for Your Space (Coming Soon)

37 Glossy, matte or canvas mandala print options in a variety of sizes.

Custom product options also available.

What Makes these Mandalas Special?

They are designed using newly discovered sacred geometry created by universal numeric patterns found within our number line. While beautiful artwork, they are structured by watertight mathematical physics.

In essence, they unify science and spirituality.

They could accurately be considered holistic healing modality tools, with the ability to impact multiple states of wellbeing.

Most importantly, they are intuitively created products designed specifically for our souls.

All proceeds go toward helping return this information to humanity. (Photo sales proceeds will also, as they are integrated into the store.)