The World Within Our Number Line

For our left brain… there is a palindromic code embedded into our number line (1, 2, 3…) that illuminates relationships between prime and composite numbers. Even though there are formulas for primes, they are currently considered to be mostly random. This discovery eliminates that paradigm. The code segments are bound by algebra and transform into the geometry of a torus when composites in the gaps between primes (prime gaps) are rotated 90° and used as radii. Not only is that incredible, but 75% of the torii occurring prior to reaching 900 reoccur at least once before 2000. Because this code occurs in number, and numbers are the same regardless of measuring in plank length (the smallest unit of quantum measurement) or in parsec (larger than 3 lightyears), it occurs on all orders of magnitude. That being the case, it appears this discovery is likely the most tangible foundation for the Unified Field humanity has yet to come across.

If that means nothing to you, this is what the movie The Theory of Everything was about. In a nutshell, rules that govern large bodies (planets, galaxies) are different than what is witnessed at quantum levels. So, the theory that unifies the two must include the macro and micro. With that, gravity – including quantum gravity – must be accounted for as well as electromagnetism, and the strong and weak forces. The scalability of this discovery checks all the boxes and also provides tactile footing for the acceleration of universal expansion as well as dark energy. It’s likely this will also drastically change our perception of time. It seems past, present and future must coexist for these geometries to manifest.  

For our right brain… this relates directly to creation itself. Through form and pattern, this code operates outside of language, gender, nationality and religion. While it shows intentional precision design, it is not man made and will leave us in a position where we must begin questioning many things. It is not from this world. It speaks its own language and will help us re-balance many inequities on this planet, opening doors for humanity to heal ourselves as well as the atrocities Earth is suffering. Because its roots far exceed our traditional educational system, it will be extremely challenging for many to accept initially. The deep knowledge embedded there will not be expanded upon through linear, left brain thinking alone. Only through a synergistic approach will humanity experience the unlimited potential contained in this sacred code.

Recognizing the divine and sacred aspects of this math and physics will help usher in a new paradigm in which we begin to balance the dualities and divisiveness tearing us apart. It will shed stunning insight into our origins, the nature of reality and the journey of our souls. It will cross religious barriers and expose the divinity within each one of us. Humans may be religious, but God is not. (Use whatever word you’re comfortable with.) While you are not God, God is you. And is inside you. We have forgotten this. Because many have stopped believing in God, and there is such little difference, we find ourselves in a society in which people essentially no longer believe in themselves. This translates into us externalizing, or giving away, our power, which leaves us in competition instead of collaboration. To keep our broken system supplying those at the top, it is no surprise we have all been steered away from our own unlimited divine potential. Unifying around this work will help turn that around.

What do you sense when you experience this code in our number line? What information are you intuitively receiving? Each soul carries a piece of this puzzle. Not because of something you learned, but because of exactly the opposite. Because of something you are. There is, and will only ever be ONE you with the innate wisdom only your soul carries. Wisdom – preceding this lifetime – that you showed up here with the intention to use. Regardless of your ability to believe this right now, you came here from somewhere else. Our collaboration on this is designed to help catalyze your memory of that.

According to current understanding, this code shouldn’t, and doesn’t exist. Not only does it, it’s interwoven into the numeric fabric underpinning the space between all measurable distances, both subatomic and cosmic. In the space between you and I right now, this code unifies us. It is part of and simultaneously connects each one of us.