The Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity


What will come of this work hasn’t been seen on this planet for a very long time, maybe even since Lemuria and Atlantis. Many souls sharing a similar mission have incarnated here. Our resonance will bring us together.

Part of my job is to help remind those who need it of the much bigger picture we’re all part of. While the geometries and code in our number line are a substantial discovery for us now, this is common knowledge among our galactic neighbors and family. Although we may not all be aware of them currently, there will come a point when those memories are familiar and dear to us all once again.  

As we Ascend back toward the higher states of consciousness that remain the foundation of our souls, the miracle of who we are, both individually and collectively will become powerfully obvious. Unifying helps catalyze and ground this process and will allow us to accomplish what we came here to do, restore balance to this planet. 

I am elated to see what pieces of the universe express and unfold through you. 

~ Azra Wind