Here are a few activities and resources that may aid in your spiritual journey.


                Shadow Work                 

Uncovers unconscious, unhealed and/or unhealthy aspects of ourselves. Find a style that works best for you.

Self Regression

Can be used as a way to remember trauma you have blocked out so you can heal it. Essentially, it’s self hypnosis.

Energetic Release Work

Helps release trauma. Visualization worked great for me. Again, follow your intuition.


Centers, balances and grounds you in your own energy. Expands awareness.

Circuitry Alignment for Divine Blueprint  

Practitioners 1-802-722-9554

Helps you remember what your soul feels like.

QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Can provide access to information from akashic records, past lives and life between lives.

Soul Retrieval  

(This will be most effective with a Shaman who was born with their gifts.) 

Reiki Attunements  

Energy work, healing.

Gene Keys

Astrology, Human Design and I Ching.

Moon Cycle Teachings ~ Symbols Books



Lorie Ladd ~ Ascension Guide

Phill Good ~ Ascension Guide

Damien Wynne ~ Embodiment/DNA Healing

Magenta Pixi ~ Channel for the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

Elizabeth April ~ Channel for Galactic Federation of Light

Lisa Renee ~  (Ascension Glossary and Newsletter)

Laura Eisenhauer ~ Galactic Historian, SRA and MKUltra Awareness

Xi Earth Star Healer ~ Embodied Avatar

Spirit Science ~ Covers ascension topics

Many people enjoy Abraham Hicks and Kryon