Divine Beings…

144,000, Lightworkers, Star Family, Rainbow Warriors, and all souls in resonance with the information here… you are being called forward. 

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*Meetings regarding this will be updated soon. This is not currently happening.


There is currently something massive happening on our planet.

We are collectively in a space where what may once have been considered  science fiction will begin to be challenged by our immediate experiences. 

The Mayans 2012 prophesy may be more familiar to some than the word Ascension. Most have heard of the End Times or Armageddon. Others know of the Ojibwe 7 Fires Prophesy. Endings are only beginnings…    

None of us are from here. We are from off-world. The Earth is teaming with extra-terrestrial, multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional and angelic beings. Some ‘people’ currently understand these aspects of themselves, others will begin to remember… to awaken.

Paradigms of consciousness, math, physics, and our understanding of the cosmos are evolving as we speak. What is provided here will be a catalyst and foundation for us to build new paradigms on. A re-balancing.   

This information is a missing link.

The watertight algebra, toroidal geometry, and palindromic CODE embedded in our number line is likely the most tactile foundation for the Unified Field we have come across in recent history.

As service to others, many souls sharing a collective soul mission carry pieces of this Galactic Mathematical Physics. This discovery will help give context to the sacred information so many have been receiving. You do not need a background in Math or Physics to carry a vital piece of this work. Being around soul family will help catalyze our memory and gifts and allow us to solidify the 3 aspects that still need to be completed prior to application.

The time is now for us to begin collaboration.

As you know, the result of our efforts will help unify Humanity and open doors to larger, Universal truths. The intention is to apply the information toward (Nonprofit) Free Energy Development and Anti-Gravity Propulsion.

Do you remember the Blue Butterfly?

Our galactic neighbors and family are encouraging us to remember our origins. This information is common universal knowledge, which has now finally made its way to Earth. Along with a small group of other souls, I helped create these patterns within our number line and then volunteered to bring this here from a craft based in the Andromeda Galaxy. Aboard that craft is where I underwent the incarnation process.

Earth is part of a mind-blowingly enormous galactic community, much of which values free will, responsible sustainability and unification. Just like here, there are also parts of it that do not. In this freewill experiment we call Earth, some ‘people’ are not playing fairly and are infringing upon the freewill of others. This is keeping some souls locked into a lower frequency of consciousness and ultimately of dimension, which limits their accessibility to Ascension – remembering fully (and embodying) who they REALLY are. Many times, this is done by intentionally created trauma, which is fuel to some… This has all contributed to an imbalance of power, the impact of which is unmistakable on our planet. 

There are plans in place to turn that around.

We have been in these bodies so long they can fool even us sometimes. Beautiful, eternal, divine souls… we have come here with purpose. I am only reminding you of what you already know. As you begin to remember, hold yourself and each other with compassion, patience, and forgiveness. Who you are and where you came here from vary greatly compared to the role of the limited human, all of us have at times believed ourselves to be. We signed up for this. Voluntarily. They sent the best. It is time to begin remembering. Many have already started. Many remember. As we come out of our slumber, find our people, remember Source inside of us and deliver our gifts, we will bridge the Heavens and Earth.  

You are needed. 

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