Time to do what we came here to do.

This knowledge bridges Science and Spirituality. It belongs to every person on this planet.
Cosmic Porch is dedicated to returning this to humanity.
This is a call to action for collaboration on expanding this ground-breaking discovery of the Unified Field into applications of Free Energy Development and Anti-Gravity Propulsion.  
Many souls carry needed pieces of this universal information. Sometimes the truth of who we really are exceeds our current ability to imagine it. 
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Collaboration on this work will allow us to surpass boundaries that have long separated us both from each other and from other larger realities… which it will help prepare our consciousness for.

It speaks its own truth, and it’s a big one.

I suddenly began producing Mathematical Physics following a near death experience in 2014. At first, the guidance I received about this was to keep it protected. New guidance is “The time is now to begin sharing it.

A video introduction to this material.

I have no formal background in math or physics.

I now understand I began receiving this information from Spirit in 3rd grade math class when I heard the words “Look at the numbers to the right and left of 12.” 

Retracing that memory led to this discovery.




One outstanding problem facing Physics is how to combine Quantum Theory and General Relativity to reconcile a Unified Field. By using our number line as the unifying foundation between micro and macro constructs we are provided the freedom to measure all orders of magnitude, from Plank Length to Parsec, due to the scalability of the palindromic code discovered embedded within it.

The fundamental nature of this code provides proof that prime numbers are highly ordered, algebraically bound and act in pairs called Prime Partners, which epitomize wave particle duality. Surrounding center points (relating to gravity), Primes Partners follow an A+C=2B formula and break distance – or spacetime, into “packets.” These findings soar beyond prime predictability and encryption, suggesting primes are responsible for the quantization of spacetime, and therefore, gravitational quantization.

As primes are compressed, all consecutive composites in the prime gap between them are forced into vertical positioning, and form radii. By circling them, tori arise. Finally, rotating these geometries 90 degrees reveals nested spheres which likely provide the most tangible foundation for the Unified Field we’ve come across in recent history.

According to current understanding in Prime Number Theorem, this code shouldn’t exist.

Still, 75% of these visually stunning, algebraically bound, coded, toric geometries occurring to 880 repeat – at least once – before 2000. Prime gap analysis into the trillions shows the trend likely continues indefinitely. The mystery surrounding what has been called the oldest and largest data set may reveal primes as the catalyst behind the Unified Field.

It’s been said, “this information is a revelation and will impact all future scientific endeavor.”

While this code is ancient, it’s currently new to us and will expand understanding in many areas including Special and General Relativity, Higgs Field, Cosmology, Holography, Reimann Zeta Function, Sacred Geometry, Genetics and more. These predetermined Prime Partner relationships span all distances, measurable or unmeasurable. That being the case, on the edge of the infinite, even with no stable external point in which to measure to, the relationships of this Unified Field are still present in the unmanifest. Could this speak to the coexistence of past, present, and future? Ultimately, the paramount question becomes, “What is the origin of this coded, precision design?”