Time to do what we came here to do.

The knowledge shared here bridges Science and Spirituality. While it is a missing link for Math and Physics, it belongs to every person on this planet. Cosmic Porch is dedicated to returning this to humanity.
This is a call to action to collaborate on and expand this ground-breaking discovery of the Unified Field into Free Energy Development and Anti-Gravity Propulsion applications.  
Every soul carries needed elements of this universal information. Learn how to collaborate here.


Collaboration on this work will allow us to surpass boundaries that have long separated us both from each other and from other larger realities… which it will help prepare our consciousness for. 

This information was sent to help us on our path to ascension.

With no formal background in the area, I suddenly began producing this Mathematical Physics following a near death experience in 2014.

I now understand the journey began much earlier. I recalled Spirit reminding me of the information while I was in my 3rd grade math class. I was told to “Look at the numbers to the right and left of 12.” 

Retracing that memory helped birth this discovery.



Video Introduction

Expanded Perspective