Do you intuitively understand what’s being shared here is important?

What will come of this work impacts humanity.

Many souls carry different pieces of this information and will participate in different ways, some longer than others.

Some have formal, relevant backgrounds.  With others, the information comes from such a pure place it doesn’t require you even being conscious of having access to it.  Many have worked on their pieces for quite some time now also.

There are a number of ways you may relate to this work.  You may think of, know, discover, receive, channel or even remember information relevant to the beautiful geometry in our number line or the larger applications relating to it. 

Here’s a few ways you can collaborate.

Zoom Video Conference Calls for Greetings and Discussions are a great place to start. 

Sign-up with your email at for the link. These occur every Thursday from 4-5 pm EST.  A link will be emailed 24 hrs in advance.

Because the email will be from a new sender, you may need to add to your contact list so it’s not routed to your spam folder. If you haven’t received a link an hour prior to the call, please check there first.

All are welcome!

Support of all kinds is welcomed.  Here are some much needed areas:

  • Free energy grant writing (both non-profit and LLC)   

  • Web, IT, video, animation, 3D animation, social media management

  • Real estate

  • Non Profit CPA

  • Non Profit Management

  • Intellectual Property Attorney

  • PR  

  • Electrical, Structural and Molecular Engineering

  • Botanist

  • Materials Sourcing

  • Machining & Fabrication

  • Transportation

  • Controller

  • Investors

  • Harmonics & Resonance backgrounds

  • Obviously Math and Physics backgrounds would be great! 

Please send your thoughts to, include “Contribute” in the subject line.

There is strength in numbers!   

If you have information you feel is relevant  please set up an account at where you can share your insights and images.  This is our gathering space, please make yourself at home.   I appreciate your patience in regards to my timing or ability to respond. 

Here you can access others who may recognize your work also.  We truly are a unified whole, you’ll find family here.  Many are working on similar information that relates to what I’ve shared because it all connects to the Ascension Process Humanity and the Earth are experiencing on a global (and inter-dimensional) scale. 

I have so much more to share publicly and privately.  You may have heard me reference NDA’s.  This clearly doesn’t relate to anything you’ve previously seen from me, it may however relate to information you come up with in regard to what I’ve already shared.  You’re the one who must make that determination.  This means you feel something you have is an integral piece of the puzzle.  If that’s the case and you’re willing to sign a mutual group NDA you may want to become a core collaborator.

One thing to keep in mind is that the focus here is on the WHOLE.  For example, something that may appear to be a singular math discovery may actually be a key part of understanding needed for the electrical engineering aspect of a Free Energy Device.  

I’ve only shared a fragment of what’s come through in the past 6 years. 

It’s still my hope this provides substantial evidence toward the quality of the rest of the information I carry.   These details will be shared within a smaller group collaborating to further develop it and integrate insights they have as well.  This will not be done publicly.

As it’s in the best interest of all, those collaborating at this level should expect to protect the details of what’s shared between us through a Bilateral Group NDA until it’s ready to be released at amongst other places.  As with the other areas, the size of this core group will also fluctuate.

I understand the free energy component may sound ambitious, right now.  Collaborating at this level will quickly change that.

This information is here for very specific reasons.  I know in my heart we can do this.  I’ve seen it already. 

Videos will continue to be released and as much as possible will be shared along the way.

I’m ready to begin collaborating when you are. 

Email me directly at with “Potential NDA” in the subject line.

Because I’m not under the illusion that I can dictate where, when or how spirit intervenes, this category is here to acknowledge their influence and contribution.  This structure is undefined.

A few beautiful souls receiving or downloading information relevant to this work have already begun reaching out to me with it.  They contact me in whatever way they are divinely guided.  Thank you for being such incredible conduits.  For perspective, in case this happens to you and you’re unsure about what you’re experiencing, the lead in looks like this:  “I received”… or “I was given”… or detailed information I know exactly where to plug into my end begins to flow.  

In whatever way you contact me if you could add “Download” in the subject line or wherever that would be great.

The precedent that revolutionary information can be found at Cosmic Porch has been set.  That truth will continue to be repeated. 

Let’s create a beautiful future!

By sharing this with like minded souls, this information will never be lost again!

Whether it’s different platforms on social media, private businesses, other initiatives or individuals you know will resonate with the information here, follow your intuition! 

You have my deepest gratitude for helping return this to humanity ♥ 

For you ascension journey, Chakra Apparel is available under the Shop tab. It is created from the sacred geometry and code embedded in our number line and intuitively channeled to support and gently balance each chakra. It also activates those around you.

If what you see here resonates with you and you can contribute financially to help us accomplish our mission of returning free energy (and the information used to access it) back to humanity. Please email me at