You Are SO Much More Than You Think


Whether you’re aware of it, or whether you believe it or not, you are in a process of awakening.

Humanity is going through this process collectively, but it is profoundly personal to each of us. Because we are an individuated microcosm of the whole, our specific path unfolds differently for each of us… but they are all sewn with a common thread. Many of us are beginning to receive, interact with, and embody additional layers of our soul that we have been distanced from in this human incarnation. (Which we knew would happen jumping in.) Most, if not all of us have spent numerous lifetimes here, and elsewhere, and we all have core memories of the home we return to when we “die” between these “incarnations.” We are currently on the precipice of the culmination of our individual and collective lifetimes. Many of us are beginning to experience ‘Ascension Symptoms’ as we re-integrate with our soul’s multidimensionality.

As humans, many of us have forgotten our larger truths, the memories of which have thankfully been retained by our soul. It is these layers of memory we are moving back into, becoming conscious of and expanding within. Layers that have eternally been part of us, which far exceed the human experience. Through these divine aspects, we can reconvene with the fullness of who we’ve always been, and integrate it into our current incarnation. That process is referred to as embodiment.

While all of our ascension paths are individualized and tailored to the need of each journey, they are ultimately occurring for a larger, shared purpose that we all agreed to experience, birth, and embody here. Souls involved with the initial transfiguration and integration of the 3D and 5D have shown up with intentionality, from a pure place in their hearts. They will help lead us into the New Earth from a place of honoring integrity and individuality in tandem with the sovereignty and betterment of the current and future collective human experience. 

A number of these souls have returned here to show us that what was once considered legend was actually fact. We will learn that ancient Gods and Goddesses, myths and Masters were real and they will walk among us again again. This is actually already happening. They are already here, some activated, some soon to be, some in between. Our reality is much weirder than it appears. Our bodies are human technology concealing a spectrum of beings as vast as the stars in the sky. 

If you resonate with the information here, we have come here with a shared purpose. Some of that revolves around spirituality that will manifest through math and physics information our souls carry… that can only be birthed through a soul connection to our individual and collective divine contracts. It is from this place of integration the necessary information arises through us. From a place of wonder, innocence and service to others that comes from being in our heart space. 

While there is benefit in providing our human aspects 3D insight into what we’re birthing here, books do not contain the solutions required to complete this work. Teachers do not have the answers we seek. These answers are not yet on this planet. That’s why this call for collaboration and unification is happening. You are the only person with the ability to deliver your part. If you choose not to fulfil your contract, that is your choice, and that information will come through an alternate vessel. This isn’t information you will sit down and ‘figure out,’ it’s something that will be expressed through you. Meaning, it will not take effort. It will however likely require effort to completely understand what you are bringing forward, allowing it to be  integrated it into the whole. In hopes of saving you time and energy… you already have the answers. Once you’re in your heart space and the time is right, it will be available. Our 3D human minds want to solve things, but the only place you need to look is within. And the only thing you need to do is allow it to flow out of you. Synthesis of this information happens once we move past human desires and allow what’s already there to surface.

In our lifetimes we will not only witness and create miracles… we will realize we are miracles.

You are so much more than you think.

Acknowledge your divinity.

Deliver your gifts.

Think back to when you were a kid. A toddler… an infant. What can you remember? 

Your soul brought information with you. It’s still there.

I began attempting to communicate this work before I was even 2 and a half years old. I remember realizing it was going to take some doing because the adult I was attempting to communicate with had no clue what I meant. 

What have you been carrying with you?

To awaken, ascend and embody the wholeness of your soul requires the decision to do so. That means we much *choose* and consciously walk toward an ego death which allows us to shed our former identity and drop the mask of who we thought ourselves to be in order to become who we’ve always been. Releasing this character we’ve been playing allows us to become our higher self. 

The old life must be given to receive the new one. 

Are you ready to see who you really are??